Booking your trip: After you have contacted us and have committed to booking a hunting or Fishing adventure we will send you a contract with dates, monies, and all info for you to sign. You will need to send the signed contract and a 20% deposit if you are booking a trip more than 1 year ahead. If you are booking  less than 1 year ahead there will be a 50% deposit required. As soon as we receive your signed contract and deposit, we’ll mail you back a formal receipt with confirmation of your dates. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the first day of the adventure.

Deposits: Your deposits are non-refundable. The deposit is a commitment from you to us that you’re coming on the trip that you’ve booked. When we accept your deposit we’re also making a commitment to provide you with that specific trip. If you can’t make the trip that you’ve booked, please call us immediately. If you can’t make the trip for any reason, you can find a replacement in a timely manner for the same dates and cost. If you don’t send a replacement hunter within adequate time before the hunt is scheduled, we will fill the hunt and you will forfeit your deposit.

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