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If you want an experience of a lifetime than an African Adventure may be right for you. In South Africa we work with outfitters and guide with extensive experience about the areas and the game to provide you with a safe and exciting hunting experience. We provide African hunting safaris in Souther Africa for both plains game and big game species. As part of your hunt we provide top notice facilities for with great meals three days a week. We want to ensure your safari adventure is comfortable which is why we go at your pace during your hunt and our professional hunters are committed to guiding you towards a quality hunt and trophy.

You will arrive at O.R. Tambo International (Johannesburg International) Airport where we will be there to pick you up and when you are done we will drop you off. We suggest you bring the largest caliber rifle that you are comfortable with. We offer two hunting packages focused on either plains game or dangerous game hunting.

South Africa is at the souther tip of the African continent and are surrounded by mountains, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. Being in the Souther Hemisphere the summers run from November to February. Also, the country uses the Rand currency and your money can be exchanged in most local banks and Bureaux de Changes. International credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express are also excepted at many locations. To travel to South Africa you will need a valid US passport and because tourism is important to the country entry is hassle-free.

Check out more about our prices down below and contact us to learn more about this great safari hunting adventure that you will never forget.

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Description Price
Dangerous Game 1×1 Hunter $450.00
Dangerous Game 2×1 Hunter $400.00
1×1 Hunter $350.00
2×1 Hunter $300.00
Observer/Non-Hunting Day $250.00
Additional Nights Stay-over $200.00
Fire Arm Permit (Once Off) $150.00
Rifle Hire (per day) $60.00
Baboon $100.00
Black Springbuck $800.00
Blesbuck $400.00
Black Wildebeest $1,000.00
Blue Wildebeest $1,000.00
Blue Duiker $1,200.00
Bontebuck $2,750.00
Buffalo (BULL) $13,000.00
Buffalo (COW) $4,000.00
Bushbuck $1,200.00
Bushpig $350.00
Common Reedbuck $1,200.00
Eland $2,200.00
Elephant POR
Fallow Deer $750.00
Gemsbuck $1,300.00
Grey Duiker $400.00
Grysbuck (Cape) $1,200.00
Giraffe $3,300.00
Hippo $7,500.00
Spotted Hyena (CITES) $3,500.00
Description Price
Impala $400.00
Jackal $150.00
Klipspringer $1,400.00
Kudu $2,600.00
Lechwe $2,900.00
Leopard POR
Lion $22,000 – $30,000
Lioness $8,000.00
Mountain Reedbuck $950.00
Mountain Zebra $3,850.00
Nyala $3,000.00
Oribi $1,000.00
Ostrich $600.00
Porcupine $200.00
Red Duiker $1,200.00
Red Hartebesst $1,000.00
Roan $9,500.00
Sable $9,000.00
Steenbuck $400.00
Springbuck $400.00
Suni $1,400.00
Tssesebe $3,000.00
Vaal Rhebuck $1,200.00
Waterbuck $2,100.00
Warthog $300.00
White Blesbuck $750.00
White Springbuck $1,450.00
Zebra Burchels $1,300.00

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