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If you are interested in a hunting adventure in Alaska to remember for the rest of your life, you have come the right place. We will set you up with a world class adventure that includes a trophy hunt, hiking, rafting, flying, and camping outdoors. There is nothing like the feeling of waking up in the brisk wilderness of Alaska, start a hike and seeing your new game room trophy through your scope.

As part of your Alaska hunt we will do the work of connecting you with a skilled local outfitter who provides low volume hunts which means you get a more one-on-one attention. More personalized attention for your Alaskan hunt means a higher success rate of filling your tag. We will also help ensure you have the right gear, hunting equipment, and we will even help you book your flight.

We take the worry out of your outdoor adventure.

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Brown Bear Hunting

When you are hunting for brown bear in Alaska you want to work with our local hunting outfitters. They have extensive knowledge of the landscape and they know where the brown bears move and live during the hunting season. Our local outfitters even have scouting cameras to let the party know where the biggest brown bears may show up.

As part of the hunting adventure the party will have access to camps with tents, sleeping cots, propane heaters, and even a satellite phone. The hunt usually takes place at night between 8pm to 3am which is when the brown bears are most active. There are multiple glassing spots to watch regular feeding areas. We hunt for the brown bears in concentrated areas along streams where salmon can by found as well as areas where berries are found.

You will most likely see multiple bears a day during your hunt but we are looking for specific size bears. The local outfitters will guide you to find adult bears between 8.5’ to 9 .5’ feet tall. By the law of Alaska nonresident hunters must be in company of a guide. The hunts are one on one unless you choose a two on one and last 10 days. If you choose you can add extra days for an additional cost.

Cost of the hunt for one on one is $15,500
Second brown bear is $7,500 trophy fee

Black Bear Hunting

If you are looking for a black bear hunting adventure with a highly experienced local outfitter to guide your hunt you can stop here. We offer fully guided 7 day Alaskan black bear hunts year round with a bag limit of three black bears.

You will be staying in one of our cabins which are located near rivers filled with salmon. Because of the great location you will see black bear every day but patience is the name of the game and waiting for the bigger ones is part of the hunt. The average black bear is around the 6 foot to 7 foot range with a 16 inch to 18 inch inch skull.

This guided hunt is a one on one or a two on one and we can take up to 4 hunters if that is the number in your party. With these hunts we do not mix different parties because this is your adventure and we are here to guide you. These hunts are fully outfitted which includes meals and we even use our new jet boats to move around if that is the right strategy.

Cost of the hunt:
One on one black bear hunt $5,500 or two on one is $4,500 per person
Additional trophy fee per bear is $1,500

Bison Hunt in Alaska

Nothing can get your heart racing quite like being in the midst of hundreds of racing buffalo as you seek out the right buffalo for your wall. At Alpine Hunting and Fishing Adventures we will set you up on a great hunting adventure with a local outfitter to guide you on an Alaskan buffalo hunt. These animals are free range and can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds – giving you and your family steaks, ground meat, ribs, and more to fill your game freezer back home.

With over a 100 square miles of challenging terrain your skills as a hunter will be tested and expanded. With the help of very knowledgable local guides with impressive track records, you will have the team you need to be sure you don’t go home empty-handed.

As part of the hunt you will have access to ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles depending on the time the year. Hunting bison is year round so if you have the urge to go on a hunt you don’t have to wait. Also, with buffalo hunting you can choose your weapon of choice from either rifle, black power rifle, bow or handgun.

As part of our packages with our outfitters, food, local transportation, lodging is included. We will also transport your buffalo to a local meat processor and the head to a well respected taxidermist in the area to bring home your piece of the adventure.

Cost of 5 day Hunt: $7,500 one on one and $6,500 for two on one

Alaska Moose Hunting

If you are looking for a hunting adventure that is not as physical of a hunt but still have the chance to tag a magnificent beast perhaps an Alaska Yukon moose hunt is for you. The guide from the local outfitter will bring in your gear to a camp already selected by horseback and will also bring your gear out as well. The camp is selected to overlook an area where the moose population is most prevalent.

You will reach the camp by flying in on float planes and then go to a prepared tent camp overlooking the meadows where the moose roam. You will reach the moose by walking a mile or two each day or we also may use a small raft with an outboard motor to go up and down local creeks hunting for your trophy moose.

The average moose taken by our hunters average between 46 inch to 76 inch spread. The moose hunts are 10 days but extra days can be purchased for $750 a day.

Cost of hunt: $15,500 for 1×1 or $13,500 2×1

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting

Now if you are looking for a challenging hunt that may take a lot of work but the reward is worth it, you may want to consider trying Alaska Dall Sheep hunting. The terrain is rugged and takes some time to find that mature ram but you have a chancing of getting a ram 36 inches or more. You will get access to the hunting area through a bush plane and horses.

First we will setup a base camp where we get dropped off and then head out on our 10 day hunt where there will be a spike camp. You will need to be prepared for all types of weather including rain, 20 degrees up to 70 degrees. The difficult terrain and rugged conditions require you be in good physical shape. That being said we want this to be an enjoyable hunt for you so we will adjust to you.

The land that we will be hunting is close to Anchorage within the Chugach State Park of half a million acres. We will be picking you up and dropping you off at the airport in Anchorage or Healy.

Cost of the hunt is $13,500 and with horses it is $15,500.

Mountain Goat

The great thing about hunting mountain goat in Alaska is they do not have a natural predator so the population is very strong. Our local outfitters have a 100% success rate for our clients. The Mountain Goat season is September through October and all our goat hunts are fully guided. It is important to be in good shape so you are ready for the rigorous hunt in the mountain terrain, but because of the strong population, your odds of getting a mature bill goat are very good.

Your hunt is in a gorgeous region called Kodiak where we will hunt in the mountains. Because of the road system in the area we will be able to setup base camp in town. Typically we our clients get mountain goats with an average horn length of 9 inches. Our hunts are 7 days long and we have one guide and one packer per hunter. This allows for a safe and memorable mountain goat hunt in Alaska.

Cost of hunt: $8,500 one on one or $7,500 two on one

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