Arizona Hunting

When you fly into Arizona for your hunting adventure, our experienced local outfitters will come pick you up at the airport. From there you will head out to base camp where we have all the amenities for you to make a comfortable stay. When hunting we are using 100% public land and we have setup tree stands and ground blinds. We have a variety of options of hunting deer, elk, antelope, bear and even javalina.

We have our nice outfitter tents (12×12 or 12×20) with lanterns, cots, cot pads, wood stove, flash lights, table and chairs. We also provide full cooking shack with a full kitchen setup which is in a separate tent with stove, fresh water, pots/pans, coolers, ice, food and drink. We have everything you need to make sure you are having a great time on your adventure.

Hunting licenses are conducted via lottery through the Arizona Game and Fish. General hunting license can be purchased online ( or at any sporting goods store.

Deer — Archery or rifle/muzzleloader for Mule or Whitetail Coues Deer for early or late season. Also, deer tags can only be purchased over the counter.

Elk — Archery or rifle/muzzleloader for Bull or Cow Elk, early or late season which again is through Arizona Game and Fish lottery draw system.

Antelope – You can choose archery or Rifle/muzzleloader through the Arizona Game & Fish lottery draw system.

Bear – Hunts are in the spring or fall and over-the-counter tags for archery or rifle.

Javalina – Rifle via the Arizona Game & Fish lottery draw system. For archery you need an over-the-counter tag.

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