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If you want something a little different in a beautiful location then hunting in New Zealand may be for you. Our local outfitters have years of experience and know the land so you have a great hunting adventure. After landing in Christchurch, New Zealand your guide will be waiting. They will help you load your equipment and belongings into our truck and we will take you to your hunting destination.

In New Zealand big game hunting is year round but most of the hunting is between March and July. Depending on the game depends on the best time to come over. For example between March and April there is when the stag roar happens. Rah and Chamois is best to hunt between May and June. To make things easier there is no license requirement to hunt on private land in New Zealand.

Being Prepared

To be prepared for your hunting adventure you will need to bring equipment and clothing. Bringing your rifle into New Zealand is very easy and if you do want to bring yours you can borrow one of your guides .27 caliber rifle. All that we ask is that you bring 40 rounds of 160 grain ammunition since it is costly over here. We suggest if you are bringing your own rifle you bring a .270 win to .300 Win mags to ensure you can get that big game at 100-300 yards.

As part of the checkin process at the airport for your rifle you will need a Firearms License and Import Permit which is available at port of entry into New Zealand or you can get from us ahead of time. Also, you will need your United States gun permit and $25 in New Zealand Currency. You need this currency before your leave the states so you have it when you arrive at the airport. There is no means of getting cash at the airport. Also you do not need to bring a spotting scope because our outfitters will have one to use as they guide you.

In New Zealand because it is in the Southern Hemisphere our winters are your summers so if you are coming out in May through July it is winter. So bring good boots that are waterproof and that are broken in. Also, bring warm clothes and lightweight windproof rain gear.

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