Texas Hunting Adventure

If you would like to have an exciting hunting adventure at a very reasonable rate our Texas wild hog or our Aoudad hunt with our experienced hunting outfitter is for you. Our family owned outfitter in Texas has a hunting ranch where you can hunt both Wild Hog and Whitetail deer. We also have access to thousands of acres for our free range Aoudad hunting.

We provide a hunting cabin that can sleep up to 8 people in its two bedrooms. The cost is included for hunting guests or $25 a night for non-hunting guests. It also has a kitchen, living area, shower, fridge/freezer, air conditioning, heater, microwave, stove and Direct TV.

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Wild Hog Hunting

After settling in at the cabin you can set out for our many blinds over 350 acres for our preferred night time hunting. Our blinds are comfortable with heaters and you can use shotgun, rifle, muzzle, bow or crossbow when hunting the wild hogs. We also have feeders within 20 yards from the blinds.

Auodad Hunting

In the 1950s Aoudad (sheep) were brought from North Africa to west Texas and have been free ranging in the high deserts ever since. This hunt is considered one of the best hunts in Texas. On the guided hunt we will see herds of a few or many and we will help you get your trophy Aoudad. The package also includes lodging, meals long with cleaning and capping of your kills including one Javelina and any other predators.

Whitetail Deer Hunting

During the bow and gun season we provide a whitetail deer hunts which includes our cabin and is semi guided. The package includes transportation to our many blinds and includes unlimited hog hunting.

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